Welcome to Fitness Middle East Convention 2016 !

Welcome to Fitness Middle East Convention! Fitness Middle East, or simply FITME, is the latest fitness convention in the Middle East which plan to provide an interactive learning environment to the fitness professionals. This event aims to contribute to the enhancement of the fitness industry in the Region, offering courses and workshops to improve their knowledge about fitness. The convention focuses on these 5 mainstreams – wellness and nutrition, the business of fitness, group exercise, functional fitness, and research and technology – providing theoretical and practical understanding to its delegates through in-depth courses to reach the purpose of improving function, health, nutrition, and fitness condition in the region. Industry trainers and speakers will be facilitating these courses to ensure quality learning experience for the professionals attending the event. FITME is designed to elevate the position of these coaches and trainers, helping them gain the necessary qualifications to train their students, and giving them the strength and power to contribute to the success of the fitness industry in the Region.

FITME will take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre on November 9-11, 2016, with more than 300 expected fitness professionals attending the courses and workshop sessions provided by industry trainers and speakers. A fitness exhibition is happening alongside these sessions, where companies related to fitness are invited to showcase their products and services to the visitors. This exhibition is free to access for the public interested in achieving a fit and healthy lifestyle.



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